SIU Election Protest

A protest took place on campus today to show support for Black Lives Matter, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and immigrants’ rights in light of the recent election.

Carbondale Community High School student Cecilia Albert-Black says the event was planned to “help spread love and understanding” in the midst of division.

Sara Beatty and Angie Youroukos led the event, and hope to continue showing support through future peaceful protests.

SIU Shooting Club

The Southern Illinois University Shooting Team has been reinstated as an officially SIU club for three years now. Before that, the team was active in the 1990s. The team feels moving towards a competitive environment. They believe 2015-16 school year was a transition year for the club.

In 2013-14, the club had a total of seven active members. In 2015-16, they had 20 and now in 2016-17, they have 35 members.

Earlier in the spring, US Representative Mike Bost had a meet and greet with the team. Right now, the team is looking for sponsorships from local business to help fund the team the chance to compete in more tournament.

Last October, club president Emerald Sanders won best female shooter at a tournament in October.

SIU Reacts to Racist Snapchat

An SIU student has apologized for a controversial Facebook posting that has gone viral.

SIUC Chancellor Brad Colwell is calling for respect on campus after “offensive behavior and comments, including social media posts.”

One of the most controversial posts is attributed on social media to coming from SIU student Miranda Fair, a sophomore in SIU Hospitality and Tourism Administration. It appears to show her and a male with black facial masks standing in front of a Confederate flag.

Fair posted an apology and said the post is out of context, prior to deleting her account. “The confederate flag in the background is defaced (ripped in half)because I do not support it,” said Fair in the post. “The black on my face is a boscia face mask. I do not hate any groups of people. #blacklivesmatter”

Her Facebook page appears to have been deleted today along with the Facebook page of the male in the photo, who is believed to be a student in Dayton Ohio. Dayton University told River Region Evening News they have no comment about the matter.

Angry reaction to the posting and photo is mounting on campus and across the nation.

A reporter with the New York Daily News reposted the photo, causing it to go viral. Shaun King is a senior justice reporter for the paper with 457,000 Twitter followers. He posted the photo, incorrectly identifying the male in the photo as also being an SIUC student.

Other national web-based outlets are also posting the photo.

We are attempting to get more information from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale Police, Southern Illinois University Carbondale Chancellor Colwell, and SIU spokesperson Rae Goldsmith but have received no comment as of this writing other than the email that was sent out by Colwell to the campus shortly after noon.

Tom Woolf with University Marketing confirms to RREE that the chancellor’s campus email is related to the student’s posting and the reaction that followed.

Colwell does not refer to any specific incidents in his email but points to reaction after the election. “This week’s presidential election was extremely divisive and emotions are running high.”

Making It Home for Turkey

The Thanksgiving break is a time for students to be with their families, but for some, their off and on campus jobs require them to stay in Carbondale.

A few students shared some of their personal experiences about not being able to make it home for turkey dinner. 20 year old, Brenna Casey explained how a fellow coworker and friend was fired from their place of employment when the two wanted to call in sick instead of working the Black Friday shift.

These students, like many others, want to remind businesses that although they are employees here in Carbondale, they are still want to use the holiday break to go home and see their families.

Bike Collisions

The crosswalks on the SIU campus can be a dangerous place to be. SIU Swim Team member James Dooley can attest to that. Dooley was hit by a car on October 20 while riding his bicycle through a crosswalk.

SIU Police Sergeant Chad Beights says that distractions play a large part into the rise in pedestrian crashes on campus. He said that he could think of two minor ones within the past week. People walking through campus and crossing streets while on cell phones or other devices can make for a dangerous situation.

Many students around campus have had close encounters with crosswalks themselves saying that both the cars and the pedestrians often are taking risks. Pedestrians and cyclists often dart in front of moving automobiles and cars try to beat the pedestrians through the crosswalks.

Sgt. Beights says that due diligence should be used when crossing streets and says that even though you may be a pedestrian and entering the crosswalk, you cannot walk in front of a car that does not have time to stop. He also added that bicycles are not allowed to be ridden in crosswalks at any time; they must be walked.

The SIU Department of Public Safety is getting ready to launch a campaign to teach students about crosswalk safety and the laws that surround them.