Legislation to Repeal FOID Card in Illinois

State Representative Jerry Costello II, D-Smithton, is sponsoring legislation that would remove the need to have a Firearm Owners Identification Card to own or purchase a firearm in the state of Illinois.

Illinois is one of only four states that requires a special permit or ID to purchase or own a firearm. Most other states, including Illinois’ border states, only use a driver license to perform the background checks.

Costello said in a press release that “Southern Illinoisans should be able to hunt and defend themselves without the government getting in the way and convoluting the process.”

Some people like Steve Strack, an employee of Alpha and Omega Guns and Gear and an auxiliary police officer for the city of Murphysboro, says that it could speed up the process of purchasing a firearm and also be cheaper. The application process for a FOID card is $11.

Others believe that the measures that are attached to the FOID card are important. They say that it is important to have that waiting period.

The legislation is a 296 page document: HB 3178


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