Bike Collisions

The crosswalks on the SIU campus can be a dangerous place to be. SIU Swim Team member James Dooley can attest to that. Dooley was hit by a car on October 20 while riding his bicycle through a crosswalk.

SIU Police Sergeant Chad Beights says that distractions play a large part into the rise in pedestrian crashes on campus. He said that he could think of two minor ones within the past week. People walking through campus and crossing streets while on cell phones or other devices can make for a dangerous situation.

Many students around campus have had close encounters with crosswalks themselves saying that both the cars and the pedestrians often are taking risks. Pedestrians and cyclists often dart in front of moving automobiles and cars try to beat the pedestrians through the crosswalks.

Sgt. Beights says that due diligence should be used when crossing streets and says that even though you may be a pedestrian and entering the crosswalk, you cannot walk in front of a car that does not have time to stop. He also added that bicycles are not allowed to be ridden in crosswalks at any time; they must be walked.

The SIU Department of Public Safety is getting ready to launch a campaign to teach students about crosswalk safety and the laws that surround them.


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