State of the System 2016

by Collin Dorsey

SIU System President Randy Dunn took the stage in the Student Center Ballrooms to deliver the State of the System Address to the faculty, staff, students, and benefactors.

The Monday evening address did not go without mention of the effect of the current state budget stalemate on the SIU system. President Dunn said that some of the departments on the Carbondale campus cannot even afford to buy paper.

He also referenced a major change that SIU is currently going through. He mentioned that the university has moved out of a growth and building period that began under Delyte Morris and ended somewhere during the Glenn Poshard administration. The university has now entered a stage referred to as “retrenchment.” This refers to the shrinking enrollment that the university is currently facing.

Dunn presented a strategy at the address that would require change to come from the individual departments themselves and not from the top administration. Some of that change hinted that possible consolidations of colleges could be in the future; turning what are now colleges into schools.


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